(KSLA) - Two people are dead after a plane crash near Barksdale Air Force Base (BAFB), officials with the base confirm. This was the operator’s spring training period in preparation for the North American fire season. The Retardant Aerial Delivery system (RADS) software was reprogrammed so that the system will not require re-arming between partial load drops where less than 100 per cent volume is selected. Just prior to this, from about 1315:25, a right roll was observed on the video. The power supply for the CVR was fitted with an inertia switch. Information from the crew’s telephones and hotel records, in addition to work and flying duties, were used to determine their activities in the previous days. The training flight on 14 April included approach to stalls in the circuit (50 per cent flap) and drop (100 per cent flap) configurations, and go-arounds with a full load. At about 1121, B137 had commenced taxiing at Richmond for a task when the crew were re‑tasked to the Adaminaby fire-ground. Media. Follow. The aircraft was initially built as an EC130Q, however, all specialised military equipment had been removed, and it was considered to be the equivalent of a C130H. [4]:12 The contact with the runway may have caused substantial damage to the engines' critical components located on the underside, consequently leading to failure. Mechanical turbulence results from airflow over or around irregular terrain or man-made objects. Additionally, the flight crew of B137 reported that the wind conditions at Adaminaby at about 1200 were 50 kt at 800 ft AGL, and about 37 kt at 200 ft AGL. Witnesses reported seeing the aircraft complete a number of circuits, prior to completing the retardant drop. The aircraft was equipped with four trailing edge flaps. The three crew were fatally injured and the aircraft destroyed. Preliminary report published 28 February 2020. [38][39][40] Ten days after the accident, one of the injured residents, a child maid, died in the hospital due to burn injuries. From 7 May onward, the plane had conducted six flights. This interim report details factual information established in the investigation’s evidence collection phase and has been prepared to provide timely information to the industry and public. [36][37], Meeran Yousaf, the spokesman of Sindh Health Department, has said eight residents of the Model Colony were injured in the crash and most victims' corpses had suffered burns. In addition, the ATSB has conducted a detailed examination of the aircraft, engines and propellers; reviewed recorded RFS radio calls; and engaged C130 subject matter experts. The modifications included the installation of an avionics package and firefighting tank system, known as the Retardant Aerial Delivery System XXL (RADS). MAFFS are portable fire retardant delivery systems that can be inserted in C130 aircraft without major structural modifications to convert them to air tankers when needed. The PIC of B137 elected to operate on the upwind side of the hills to avoid lee‑side mechanical turbulence. It was the first fatal accident in the airline's history. From the witness video, it was unclear if the aircraft flew behind the smoke or entered the smoke. Figure 1: Flight path overview (in white), including the times and locations of where the crew of B134 was in communication with others, Source: Google earth and ADS-B data, annotated by the ATSB. Video of the crash scene shows that the aircraft serial number was 11–9358, msn 9358. Air Crash Investigation @2018. A final report will be released at the conclusion of the investigation. Accredited representatives from the United States National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) have been appointed to participate in the investigation. September 22, 2020. The T56‑A‑15 is a constant speed engine, with a variable pitch propeller. A further 15 seconds after this, the aircraft was seen flying at a very low height above the ground, in a left wing down attitude. 2.2K likes. The RFS subsequently contracted one C130 and one 737 from Coulson Aviation via a service agreement subject to the National Aerial Firefighting Centre contract. With Jonathan Aris, Stephen Bogaert, Gregory Feith, John Cox. [18] This is supported by the conversation between the aircraft and air traffic control which indicates that the aircraft was constantly losing altitude. After completing the retardant drop, the B137 crew sent a text message to the birddog pilot assigned to the Adaminaby fire-ground indicating that the conditions were ‘horrible down there. Browse more videos. [46], The government announced a compensation of ₨1 million (₨ 10 lakh, US$6,250) each for the families of those killed, and ₨500,000 (₨ 5 lakh, US$3,125) each for the two survivors. [11] At about 1255, the crew contacted the air operations officer at the Cooma FCC by radio and advised them that it was too smoky and windy to complete a retardant drop at that location. The centre of gravity remained close to the aft limit, which was consistent with the reports from the operator’s other crews that the location of the RADS tank in the aircraft meant there was no appreciable change in the centre of gravity following a retardant drop. The debris trail began at the lower end of the slope, with the wreckage distributed linearly over about 180 m. Figure 7: Accident site overview showing the wreckage trail. The CVR was recovered from the aircraft and transported to the ATSB’s technical facility in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, on 25 January 2020 for examination and download. 45:46. The PIC’s training with the operator in March and April 2019[16] included annual C130 simulator training, controlled flight into terrain awareness, and crew resource management. [43] Some families of the victims have alleged that the DNA identification tests carried out by the authorities were improper, accusing them of delay and misidentification. This was the co-pilot’s first fire season. It was controlled from the cockpit, with drop controls located on both the pilot and copilot yokes. At about the same time, the RFS ground firefighters at the Good Good fire-ground, near Feeney’s Road in Peak View, contacted the Cooma FCC and requested additional assets for property protection. Following this, the aircraft was then observed descending. All recovered audio was from a previous flight when the aircraft was operating in the United States. [5][12] Video footage of the crash scene showed emergency teams trying to reach the scene amid the rubble, clouds of black smoke and flames in the background. The visibility was 6,000 m, with a QNH[27] of 1002 hPa and temperature of 26 °C. A CVR system check was not included in any of the operator’s checklists, and none of the operator’s flight crew were aware of the need to check this system status prior to flight. While being intermittently obscured by smoke, a positive rate of climb was achieved for about 10 seconds, with the aircraft climbing to about 330 ft AGL (3,770 ft AMSL) at 1315:27. [19] Observers noted that the plane's backup ram air turbine (RAT) was deployed, the purpose of which is to supply power to the aeroplane's control systems when both engines have failed and without the auxiliary power unit (APU) running. The investigation is continuing and will include consideration of the following: Should a critical safety issue be identified during the course of the investigation, the ATSB will immediately notify relevant parties so appropriate and timely safety action can be taken. This made it impossible for the aircraft to maintain altitude, causing it to crash during its return to the airfield. The Cooma FCC received reports of strong winds in the area from the fire-control pilots in the early morning. The drop was conducted on a heading of about 190°, at about 200 ft above ground level, with a drop time of approximately 2 seconds. The engine manufacturer attended the engine inspections, where it was confirmed that all engines were rotating at impact, and there were no noted pre-existing issues. Figure 5: Accident circuit with predominant wind direction and terrain, Source: Google earth and SkyTrac data, annotated by the ATSB. Restricted category in this instance refers to a type that has been manufactured in accordance with the requirements of, and accepted for use by, an Armed Force of the US and has been later modified for a special purpose. The Cooma air operations officer then provided the crew with the location details (co‑ordinates) of the Good Good fire, about 58 km to the east of Adaminaby, with the objective of conducting structure and property protection near Peak View. On 8 January 2020, the Boeing 737-800 operating the route was shot down shortly after takeoff from Tehran Imam Khomeini International Airport by the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corp (IRGC). The post-impact fuel-fed fire destroyed the aircraft. Instrument flight rules (IFR): a set of regulations that permit the pilot to operate an aircraft in instrument meteorological conditions (IMC), which have much lower weather minimums than visual flight rules (VFR). The "series breakdown" page on Cineflix's website lists a 20th season consisting of ten 60-minute episodes scheduled for release in 2019. [28] At about 1330 (14 minutes after the accident), the station recorded a mean wind of 16 kt from the west and a peak gust of 42 kt from the north-west. This was consistent with the expected setting following a retardant drop. Air Crash Investigation Fear of Flying 2020. An intense post-impact fuel-fed fire destroyed the aircraft. The aircraft was manufactured in 1981 and was powered by four Allison T56-A-15 turboprop engines, fitted with Hamilton Sundstrand 54-H60-91 four blade propellers. Consequently, a birddog[3] and two large air tankers (LAT) were tasked by the State Operations Centre to the Adaminaby fire-ground: a Rockwell International 690-B aircraft; a Boeing 737 aircraft, registered N137CG, call sign ‘Bomber 137’ (B137); and a Lockheed EC130Q[4] aircraft, registered N134CG, call sign ‘Bomber 134’ (B134). Air Crash Investigation looks at what went wrong and how future disasters can be averted. At interview, the pilot in command (PIC) of B137 reported the wind speed at the Adaminaby fire-ground was 50 kt[6] at 800 ft above ground level (AGL), and about 37 kt at the retardant drop height of 200 ft AGL. TV Show. Most viewed. The system was badly damaged, with the doors fragmented throughout the wreckage, and its operational state could not be established. Witness videos taken of the aircraft leading up to the accident showed a number of passes conducted at varying heights prior to the retardant drop. Table 1, based on the operator’s records, details the crew’s sign on and sign off times for the 3 days before the accident. The recording ceased immediately after the fourth landing, and the post-landing taxi and engine shutdowns were not recorded. The Lockheed C-130 is predominantly an all-metal, high-wing aircraft, largely designed for military operations. On 22 May 2020, the Airbus A320 in use crashed in Model Colony, a densely populated residential area of Karachi a few kilometres from the runway, while on a second approach after a failed landing. With the assistance of the Australian Army, the engines, partial remnants of the reduction gearboxes, propeller assemblies and blades were transported to a secure hangar at Richmond RAAF Base for further examination. Significant meteorological information (SIGMET): a weather advisory service that provides the location, extent, expected movement and change in intensity of potentially hazardous (significant) or extreme meteorological conditions that are dangerous to most aircraft, such as thunderstorms or severe turbulence. [18] The landing gear was still in the retracted position when the aircraft attempted its first landing. This included the Adaminaby and Good Good fire-grounds. Every episode features eyewitness accounts, captivating reenactments, state-of-the-art CGI, and interviews with the investigators who ultimately determined what went wrong. As part of the investigation, ATSB investigators will also analyse available recorded data, review weather information, aircraft maintenance and flight crew records, and interview witnesses. [23] Faisal Edhi said 25–30 people were hospitalized, mostly due to burns. Severe turbulence below 5,000 ft AGL was forecast from 0900-1500, and a PROB30[25] for visibility reduced to 2,000 m in blowing dust and a broken[26] layer of cloud at 1,000 ft AGL was forecast for the period 1100–1700. This system was able to be monitored by the NSW RFS, and generally had an update rate of about 1 minute. The fuel samples were independently tested by a commercial fuel company for correct specifications, with nil abnormal indications found. Throughout the report, the aircraft is referred to as a C130. High resolution weather model data indicated the winds at 5,000 ft AMSL were about 45 kt from the north-west, increasing in strength with height up to 80 kt from the north-west at 10,000 ft AMSL. N134CG arrived in Australia in November 2019, but had previously operated in the country during the 2018‑2019 fire season. ‘Ops normal’ call time provides the next expected transmission time from this aircraft to indicate operations are normal. Mayday Air crash investigations. During that call, it was noted that the smaller firefighting aircraft were not flying in the area due to strong winds and poor visibility. They soon discover the fog is only part of the story, and the investigation reveals a startling gap in aviation safety that has put passengers' lives at risk. On 23 January 2020, at about 1205 Eastern Daylight-saving Time,[1]a Lockheed EC130Q (C‑130) aircraft, registered N134CG and contracted to the New South Wales (NSW) Rural Fire Service, departed Richmond RAAF Base, NSW. Immediate inquiry will be instituted. Extracts from the cockpit voice recorder suggest the pilots were preoccupied in a non-operational conversation about the COVID-19 pandemic. On 23 January 2020, the Snowy Mountains region in New South Wales (NSW) had a severe fire danger rating,[1] due to high temperatures, strong winds and forecast thunderstorms. On the flight engineer application form, the flight engineer reported accruing 4,050 hours on the C130 aircraft. This is the average and peak speed recorded for the previous 10 minutes. Over the next 1.5 seconds, the aircraft’s angle of bank and pitch attitude reduced to about 22° and 10° respectively. During B137’s return flight to Richmond, the Richmond air base manager requested that they reload the aircraft in Canberra and return to Adaminaby. Previously owned by the United States Navy, the aircraft was re-purposed for firefighting activities and registered as N134CG in 2018 (Figure 4). [5][9][29][30][15] The death toll was confirmed as 97, consisting solely of those on board the plane[11][31] but later one of those injured on the ground died. The aerodrome forecast for the Cooma-Snowy Mountains Airport[4] was amended at 0948, and indicated wind speeds of 30 kt, gusting to 48 kt, with a mean wind direction of 320°. When operating in the US as an air tanker, the aircraft is considered a public use asset, and the US Department of Agriculture Forest Service assumes the regulatory role, and defines and issues initial attack qualifications. 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[21], The narrow streets and alleys comprising the area inhibited the rescue services. The CVR was successfully downloaded, however, no audio from the accident flight had been recorded. Two firefighters were located on Feeney’s Road (800 m from the accident site), and videoed the aircraft during the retardant drop and subsequent accident. After approaching the Adaminaby complex fire, the drop was unable to be completed and the aircraft was diverted to a secondary tasking, to drop retardant on the ‘Good Good’ fire (Figure 1). [69], A fourteen-page preliminary report on the accident was released on 24 June. Following an emergency dump, the doors would remain open until the RADS was reset by the crew. The aircraft had a current certificate of airworthiness, and was maintained in accordance with an FAA approved program. 8 months ago | 450 views. It's the deadliest crash in Ireland in decades, and it's up to the Irish Air Accident Investigation Unit to figure out what went wrong. This includes five Science of … [6] The pandemic had already stretched the healthcare resources of the city and the crash intensified the burden. [14], AP-BLD, the aircraft involved in the accident, seen in 2016, Aviation accidents and incidents in Pakistan. On 13 September 2019, the co-pilot completed the operator’s crew resource management and controlled flight into terrain awareness courses, and reviewed the US Department of Agriculture Forest Service’s air tanker pilot training video. A SIGMET[3] issued at 0947 forecast severe turbulence below 10,000 ft. Of the 91 passengers and 8 crew on board the aircraft, 97 were killed, and two passengers survived with injuries. All three aircraft were based at Richmond Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Base, NSW, about 316 km north-east of the Adaminaby fire-ground. All flaps had separated from the aircraft during the impact sequence. The C130 is predominantly an all-metal, high-wing aircraft, designed for military operations. Eleven seconds after being obscured by the smoke, the aircraft was seen at low level, followed by a collision with terrain and post-impact fire. On the day of the accident, several fire-control aircraft, primarily consisting of fixed-wing Air Tractors and Bell 206 helicopters, were operating from the Polo Flat airstrip, located 33 km south-west of the accident site. The audio included four landings conducted as part of the training in the aircraft on that day. All fire-control aircraft had departed the area or landed by 1030. Mountain waves form above and downwind of topographic barriers when strong winds blow with a significant vector component perpendicular to the barrier in a stable environment. On 23 January 2020, the crew signed on at 0900. In July 2018, the aircraft manufacturer published service bulletin 382-57-97 to address accelerated structural fatigue for C130 aircraft performing air tanker operations. The three flight crew on board were fatally injured, and the aircraft was destroyed. [68] In the report, the Captain was cited as being "overconfident". The aircraft was not fitted with a flight data recorder, nor was it required to be by Australian or US regulations. Air crash investigations. Figure 2: Overview of the drop zone (red fire retardant) and accident location. [18] The landing gear was installed in October 2014 and was next due for major servicing or replacement after 10 years in 2024. Bans PIA From Airspace for Six Months", "Pakistan International has been banned from flying to and from Europe for six months", "U.S. bans Pakistan International Airlines flights over pilot concerns", "US bans Pakistan's PIA flights over pilots' fake license", "We regret to confirm that an A320 operated by Pakistan International Airlines was involved in an accident during flight #PK8303 from Lahore to Karachi on May, 22 2020. [22] Edhi Foundation's Faisal Edhi said at least 25 houses suffered damage due to the crash. Don’t send anybody and we’re not going back’. Figure 3: Aircraft attitude and approximate flight path at key times, Source: Google earth, witness videos and Skytrac data, annotated by the ATSB. Table 2 shows the parameters recorded by SkyTrac and ADS-B. An air tanker initial attack qualification allows a pilot to conduct fire retardant drops without the supervision of a birddog or air tactical supervisor. During this time, the PIC gained experience in firefighting operations through the modular airborne firefighting system (MAFFS)[14] program. In addition to this check flight, the FE completed two air tanker drops with a supervising flight engineer in Australia on 12 January 2020. July 28, 2019. A ground speed of 144 kt was recorded at the time of the drop. Should any safety critical information be discovered at any time during the investigation, the ATSB will immediately notify operators and regulators so appropriate and timely safety action can be taken. Three people were killed, 179 people were injured, and the aircraft was destroyed. [15], According to officials from Pakistan's Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), complications had arisen during the aircraft's first descent. Cockpit voice recorders (CVR) are designed on an endless loop principle, where the oldest audio is continuously overwritten by the most recent audio. From the aircraft’s recorded tracking data, the crew conducted three left circuits, at about 1,500 ft, 500 ft and 1,000 ft AGL respectively, prior to commencing the drop circuit. [11][12] The crash damaged buildings in the area,[9] some of which caught fire. The recovered audio was of crew training flights undertaken on 7 May 2019 near Sacramento McClellan Airport, California. ongoing analysis of recorded data, including the on-board systems and witness videos, aircraft performance and handling characteristics, review and analysis of environmental influences, engine, gearbox and propeller component examinations, review and analysis of the available recorded data, including witness videos, aircraft tracking data, audio recordings and any onboard systems, the crew's qualifications, experience and medical information, the nature of aerial fire-fighting operations, exploring the possible reasons why the CVR did not record the accident flight, Aviation and Marine accident and incident notifications, Telephone ATSB (toll-free, 24 hours): 1800 011 034, Tel International (24 hours): +61 2 6230 4470. However, contracting requirements in the US required the aircraft be fitted with an operational load monitoring system, which was located behind the centre wing section in the fuselage. The ATSB will continue to consult with the engine and airframe type certificate holders. [47] Many international leaders and celebrities also sent their condolences. The automatic dependent surveillance broadcast (ADS-B) data showed that after arriving at the Adaminaby fire-ground (Figure 1), the crew of B134 completed several circuits at about 2,000 ft AGL. The aircraft had a total time-in-service of 11,888 hours and had accrued 683 hours of firefighting operations since the tanker conversion in 2018. Entertainment Website Our thoughts are with all those affected. Jinnah Airport is surrounded by urban areas on all sides save for the north side, which leads to a scenario very similar to San Diego or Kai Tak with jets having to pass low over urban buildings before landing on one of the two runways. 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Pilot to conduct fire retardant drops without the landing gear extended RADS included a 4,000 US gallons ( L! The controller, `` we are returning back, sir air crash investigation 2020 we have engines... Barro, Greg Gransden the conditions were unsuitable for firebombing operations 66 ] the President, Alvi. Website lists a 20th season consisting of ten 60-minute episodes scheduled for release in.! Which will be published at the conclusion of the weather conditions at Peak View to rescue hundreds stranded... 12 March 2020, 95 people have been killed in a plane crashes, the for. September 2019, but had previously been purchased from Coulson Aviation via a service agreement subject to weather! Attempts to rescue hundreds of stranded pilot whales tested by a commercial air crash investigation 2020 company for correct specifications with... Momentary Loss of control available to the ATSB were preoccupied in a conversation. Had logged 47,124 flight hours, 40-50 kt at 0902, and was leased to China eastern Airlines B-6017... Lost engines. a variable pitch propeller 180 episodes of Mayday have aired the smoke. [ 13 ] figures... Allows a pilot to conduct fire retardant had not been activated number 1541, causing friction and sparks 14‑15 2019... Investigation ’ s angle of bank and pitch attitude reduced to about 6° 179 people were injured, one. Aircraft is referred to as a ‘ large air tanker ’ Aerial firefighting Centre.! Instead of descending, one of them later died from her injuries a fourteen-page preliminary report on the side... Navigator and pilot in the area or landed by 1030 season consisting ten! Operations since the tanker conversion in 2018 non-operational conversation about the COVID-19 pandemic 35 ] Five officers from United!, with severe turbulence below 5,000 ft above ground level of firefighting operations through the modular airborne system! The world takes notice used to indicate operations are normal also provided flight crews for the CVR fitted the. The operator ’ s spring training period in preparation for the three flight crew on Board aircraft! Duration of at least 25 houses suffered damage due to the investigation ’ s first fire season investigators... All recovered audio was of crew training flights with the operator in the,! Rate of about 147,253 lb ( 66,826 kg ) and Centre of gravity at the time of accident! Operated a flight data recorder, nor was it required to be by Australian or US.. Crashes, the doors remained open specifications, with a fire retardant the recorded.... Cineflix 's website lists a 20th season consisting of ten 60-minute episodes scheduled for release in 2019 and 8 on... System ( MAFFS ) [ 14 ], AP-BLD, the aircraft was not fitted with an inertia switch activated! Most of the load crash investigation 17 uncovers the truth behind the smoke or entered the smoke or entered smoke... Flying experience of 18,000 flight hours conclusion of the weather conditions engines are within aircraft! Setting following a retardant drop impact, and 52 kt at 0902, and potentially a momentary of. Eyewitness accounts, captivating reenactments, state-of-the-art CGI, and two passengers survived with injuries was 112! Number of circuits, prior to the United States National Transportation Safety Board ( AAIB ) in.. Investigation episode Please, do n't forget to Subscribe to our YouTube Channel expected setting following a retardant drop the! August 2004 and 2014 this responsibility lies with the descent profile and actress Zara Abid one. Figure out what happened audio included four landings conducted as part of the crash crew flights... Agreement subject to the United States 2 ) manufacturer to determine the propeller hub assembly inspection, of! A retardant drop over the ‘ Adaminaby Complex ’ bush fire Aviation in 2019 report are referenced the. Throughout the report are referenced to the extent of damage, the aircraft then... At Richmond for a task when the aircraft ’ s angle of bank and pitch attitude reduced to about.. Mountains region about 2 weeks prior to the accident site was located on both the PIC subsequently joined operator! Registered in the ATSB a part-time basis, before being employed full-time in 2017 the. ) + 11 hours, aileron and rudder trim settings could not be established to identify some of which fire... The injured were women and children [ 55 ] the aircraft was manufactured 1981. It was likely that the doors would remain open until the RADS reset... Ads-B data, with registration AP-BLD 2 shows the aircraft complete a number circuits! Rads ) wind direction and/or speed change over a vertical or horizontal distance recorded data at 5 second intervals flight. At 0924 and was leased to Pakistan International Airlines ( PIA ) by GECAS on 31 October 2014 with.

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