We attacked an killed her mother. (Bug #17701), Lod was intended to be a potential candidate for the Blacksmithing Tutorial quest "TutorialBlacksmithing". 03012174, 03016F18, 0300D2B6: Spider webs incorrectly linked to the greenhouse planters. ("an deed" -> "a deed"), ED607 Book2CommonGiantsAndMammoths "Ode To The Tundrastriders": "I'd slowly fade to dream nested in the radiating heat of mammoth fur. -> "Arkay says bandits. (Bug #25275), Sven should also no longer use lines suggesting he doesn't know the Dragonborn if he's no longer in Riverwood as he can only be moved out by being hired somehow. (Bug #15018), 000a246f: Predator patrol marker too close to Merryfair Farm. -> "Before my father became obsessed with the prophecy, my mother and I spent quite a bit of time together." The line was checking to see if Hern was disabled, but not also checking to see if he'd been killed. ("it the" -> "it to the") Several holes in the navmesh outside Riften's north gate have been fixed. -> "There is something you could do for me." (Bug #17659), Jonna has two hello topics that are no longer appropriate to use if Lurbuk is dead. [Removed extra space between "that..." and "I trust"] (Bug #18271), WISharedInfosTopic [000A8607]: "Really. (Bug #8246), The Amulet of Julianos was pointing to the wrong model for females. Documentation has been checked for typos and missing entries from old changes have been added. (Bug #18798), 000E8DA1: Floating snowberry bush. (Bug #16771), MQ104ADragonbornB1: "There's one way to find out. (Bug #17160). !May not work as it is persistent! (Bug #16107), dunFellglow_Pets: "Hmm? [subtitle did not match audio] (Bug #15961), ErikurFamilyScene: "Profits continue to rise. (Bug #23493, Bug #23107), 02012599: Table clipping into a wall. I serve Jarl Balgruuf in Dragonsreach." (Bug #19309), ImperialRaceVampire did not have its unarmed impact data set which prevented the proper sound from playing like it should. (Bug #17576), 02027907, 02027908, 02027909: Rocks created to cover up a large gap in a rock piece [Ref 000BD098]. You know, about papa?" -> "Talk to Hadring, the innkeeper." Hmm. -> "And it isn't just the Dark Elves they hate -- they make a target of the Argonians as well." (Bug #16145), DBRumorsTopic: "Folk been hearing some strange stuff coming from the Aretino place." (Bug #16020), MarkarthKeepScene02: "Cowards, the both of you." (Bug #20111), 000C8CB9, 000C8CEC: Misplaced gold coins. Easy to learn, hard to master. Jarl Korir's exile package for the Windhelm palace was not using the correct location marker after we fixed his AI pack. (Bug #17463, Bug #17423), 000A664A: Trough clipping through ground. (Bug #16030), RiverwoodAlvorDortheScene2: "You keep working hard, like you been doing, and you could be the greatest blacksmith Skyrim has ever seen." You and me? Saadia now has her own marker and package to prevent them from "marker fighting". / " Eydis, my love, if you ever get this- forgive me." No offense." -> "All right. Oh! -> "But I insist, and with good reason." (Bug #23107), 000CCCB4: Goat pelt was mistakenly set as the static version. (Bug #18779), 000E7952, 000E7953, 000E7954, 000E7955, 000E7956, 000E7957, 000E7958, 000E7959: Adjusted collision markers around beds that were unusable. (Bug #15507), During A Night to Remember (DA14), the bribery option with Senna does not advance the speech skill due to a missing property. (Bug #12436), 0009d048: A bed in Deadmans Drink has been marked as owned by Valdr so his sleep package at the inn will be allowed to function. Ale's goin' bad." (Bug #19350), Preferred pathing errors between Largbashur and Riften, and between Riften and Fallowstone Cave, causes Yamarz to leave the road, then turn back to it while he's following you. The fire effects [Ref 0001D028] needed to be adjusted. (Bug #15894) [NR], Nils did not have the WI property set on his RentRoomScript which would prevent him from escorting the player to their room if he took over Candlehearth Hall. (Bug #15114), It was not possible to ask a hireling to become your steward after bringing them to the property due to an erroneous condition that was blocking the PotentialHireling faction. -> "Hmm. The ESM flag has been turned back on now that the load order bug is fixed. (Bug #13982), BoundBowEnchantment does not have the flag to handle the Turn Undead effect properly when the Oblivion Binding perk is active. (Bug #17723), 02036641: Added a ceiling piece to cover up a small hole between a wall and ceiling piece [Ref 000D3DD4, 000D3DD5] in Rimerock Burrow. (Bug #12555), The Champion's Cudgel (DLC2RR01FalxWarhammer) is incorrectly marked as glass material. (Bug #17368), Object "DeerPelt" uses the same model as the recently fixed Elk hides, so it will now display as "Elk Pelt". -> "You hear about the Shatter-shield girl? Corrected a bunch of MS06 pre-quest packages with invalid conditions. 02022a5e: Solitude lighthouse fire gives off no light. (Bug #15974), RaimentsScene: "Sister dear, could you try sewing those sleeves a little tighter?" -> "But... what of Yamarz?" (Bug #16718), DialogueFollowerTradeTopic: "I'll shoulder some of your burden." (Bug #19065, Bug #19048), 0500182C: Rock added to cover up a gap in a dirt cliff [Ref 000179B9]. (Bug #18861), 0200C476, 0200C477: Rocks added to cover up a protruding mountain cliff piece [Ref 0008350A] and a small gap in the side of a cave wall [Ref 0004BEC9]. 0010F275: Dwarven cog embedded in a wall. / "What...hey! (Bug #18436), TG02BillofSale: "All dealings with the Thieves Guild in Riften is to cease immediately." The Emperor? Facegen information for Hern and Hert was accidentally removed from the PS4 data when their AI packs were being fixed in 4.1.8. Several coffins and other graves for NPCs in the Markarth and Solitude Halls of the Dead were not initially disabled like they should be, resulting in them showing up as all belonging to the priest in charge until the assigned NPC actually dies. (Bug #12828), 02000f84: Rock that looks out of place removed. (Bug #15202), WhiterunAmrenScene: "the gate," -> "that gate," (Bug #15203), DB02Captive3Intimidate: "wouldn't" -> "would not" / "I'd" -> "I would" (Bug #15204), DB02CaptiveReleaseBranchTopic: "Please! (Bug #14455), 00054A58, 00054C61, 000A405B, 00054C6C, 00054C63: Moved chest of drawers - and the items ontop - that was clipping with a rock, 0005EAE6: Disabled torch sconce light source outside of Sky Haven Temple that's supposed to start disabled, 000DB45E, 000DB465, 000DB467, 000DB466: Moved foliage clipping with surroundings, 000DB45C, 000DB459, 000DB45D, 000DB45B, 000DB456, 000DB458, 000DB457: Repositioned floating Nirnroot plants, 000CB48F, 000CB48E, 02002304: Edited breezehome embers to stop the pot stand from floating, 000A3DB5, 000A3DB4: Moved fire lamp to stop clipping with wall, 000D046A: Grounded floating creep cluster, 000CB496, 000CB4DD, 000CB4DC: Raised plate and rabbit legs in breezehome to stop it havok-glitching onto the floor, 000FD319: Moved fire in cauldron to stop it clipping through, 000A5762: Attached floating torch sconce to wall, 000B8B1C: Moved branch sticking through ground, 0003CF2A: Shifted dwemer chest that was clipping with pipe, 0010F46E: Raised dwemer pipe piece that was clipping through shelf, 000f6e9c: Dwemer spider badly positioned on a shelf, causing collision to go crazy. (Bug #18027), 0006DD1B, 0006DD1C, 0006DD4A, 0006DD4B: Hanging moss floating in thin air instead of hanging from trees. (Bug #18595), General Tullius has a line cut off just after Alduin lands to attack Helgen. It has to be! (Bug #14076), 0201FF5E: Trigger box with no purpose moved away. -> "I am not sure I appreciate your presence here. -> "Unless you're here to sell that weapon of yours, why don't you put it away?" This results in the duelist wizard attacking you while the student is trying to talk. It was hot and I was scared, so I hid." The trappers associated with the encounter do not respawn, and if the wolf does, then opening the cage will cause it to vanish because it wasn't supposed to be there again. He will use a new bedroll placed outside of Morgul's room to use when Morgul is asleep. (Bug #15764), DLC2DialogueSkaalVillageStornBranch2Topic1: "so that we'll be worthy to join him in death." (, The stage 15 journal entry for The Forsworn Conspiracy (MS01) mentions the murder in the marketplace even if you killed Weylin before he could attack Margret. -> "I was clear when I loaned Garyn the money that I wanted it back by first harvest." Biped object names have been corrected after a previous version had their values shifted improperly by a bad version of TES5Edit. It should be pointing to AMBHarbor01LPSD instead of AMBBannerRockCairnLP. A number of items [Ref 000DEA94, 000DEA9E, 000DEA9F, 001007A2, 001007A3, 001007A4, 001007A5, 001007A6, 001007A7, 001007A9, 001007AA, 001007AB, 001007AC, 001007D2, 001007D4, 001007D5, 001007D6, 001007D7, 001007D8, 001007D9, 001007DA, 001007DB, 001007DC 001007DD, 001007DE, 001007DF, 001007E0, 001007E1, 001007E2, 001007E3] placed on them were also moved. I can always tell." (Bug #15171), Swindler's Den could not get marked as cleared because the normal boss bandit occupying it was not marked as a Boss. (Bug #19329), The guards in Calcelmo's Tower accuse Aicantar of trespassing because they are not in the proper factions. The magic effect used when Seekers are killed in Apocrypha (DLC2AbFXHMDaedra) was missing a script property which caused the death effect to fail. (Bug #13447), The cells for the buildable houses were never marked as owned by PlayerFaction, so the stewards and housecarls would still comment about you being lost when you entered. -> "Oh my... umm... well, you won't let Mercer hear about this will you?" (Bug #15088), The whirlwind effect on weapons when the Elemental Fury shout is used has been restored. (Bug #21044), 0008bbed: Barrel clipping with another barrel in Pavo's House. (Bug #28298, Bug #28229, Bug #28130, Bug #28128, Bug #28126, Bug #28119, Bug #28101), 000C0E68, 000CA061: Floating bed. (Bug #23291) [NR], RecipeFear1: "~Blue Dragonfly Wing" -> "~Blue Dartwing" (Bug #23063), RecipeRestoreHealth3: "~Blue Dragonfly Wing" -> "~Blue Dartwing" (Bug #23063), dunAngarvundeOtherWay01: "Is there someway to open them?" Previous fix for bug #1455 has been reverted out since it didn't address the problem for some reason. (Bug #20120), 04029C60, 04033927: Poorly placed ramp leading to one of the Black Books. 000a4707: Bucket clipping the table in Korvanjund. (Bug #16356), "Mother had something similar back home when she was tending the courtyard gardens to scrape moss and fungus off of the trees." Dragonborn added an exemption for Solstheim. (Bug #18159), dunAngarvundeOtherWay01: "I didn't come all this way to leave empty handed." (Bug #18015), 02068d97, 02068d98: Rubble chunks added to cover a seethrough hole. (Bug #14452), Melaran has no spells for use in combat. (Bug #23033), 000189F9, 00018B01, 00018B03, 00018B04, 00018B0C, 00018B33, 00018B34, 0001904A, 0001904B, 0001976A, 00019775, 000197BB, 00019857, 00019858, 0001A338, 0001A37F, 0001A383, 0001A3A2, 0001A59C, 0001A5C7, 0001B3B6, 0001EF3D, 0001EF43, 00020F2B, 00024BB4, 00024BB6, 00024BB7, 00024BB8, 00024BB9, 00024BE2, 00024C5C, 00024F2C, 00024F2D, 00024F2F, 00024F31, 00024F32, 0002714C, 00028D26, 00028D27, 00030ACF, 00039DC3, 00039EB6, 00039EB8, 0003CB71, 00043E38, 00043E3B, 00043E3C, 00043E64, 0004682F, 00047E71, 00047E72, 0004BEA4, 0004BEB4, 0004F121, 0004F166, 00052DB5, 000552AD, 000553C2, 00058F09, 0005FE94, 0005FE95, 0006283C, 000628CD, 00062907, 00066A43, 0006AB6A, 0006AB6C, 0006AB77, 0006ABD9, 0006B1AA, 0006B1AC, 0006B1D4, 0006B1D5, 0006B1D6, 0006B1DA, 0006B1DB, 0006B65E, 0006B65F, 0006B660, 0006BCB7, 0007141A, 00071AC4, 00071AC5, 00071AC6, 00071AC7, 00071B09, 00071B0A, 00071B0D, 00071B15, 00071B18, 00071B64, 00071B67, 00071B80, 00071B81, 00075A7C, 00075A7E, 00075A8C, 00075A8D, 00075A8E, 00075A8F, 00075A90, 0007BE02, 0007BE25, 0007BED3, 0007BF94, 0007BF95, 0007BF97, 0007BFA0, 00080B70, 00080B71, 00080B87, 0008129D, 000812A0, 000828C0, 000849C4, 000849CE, 000849CF, 00084B1D, 00084C18, 00084C1A, 00084C20, 00088ABD, 000890DD, 000890DE, 000890E0, 000890E1, 000890E6, 000890E7, 000890F0, 000890F1, 000890F2, 000890F3, 0008B531, 0008B7A2, 0008B7B8, 0008DCCA, 0008DCCB, 0008DD10, 0008DD12, 0008DD13, 0008DD14, 0008DD17, 0008DD18, 0008DD19, 0008DD1A, 0008DD1B, 0008DD1C, 0008DD1E, 0008DD1F, 0008DD23, 0008DD24, 0008DD25, 0008DD26, 0008DD27, 0008DD28, 0008DD29, 0008DD2A, 0008DD2B, 0008DD2E, 0008DD2F, 0008DD31, 0008DD35, 0008DDB7, 0008DDBA, 0008DDBB, 0008DDBC, 0008DE17, 0008DE18, 0008DE19, 0008DE28, 0008DE29, 0008DE2D, 0008DE2E, 0008DE2F, 0008DE30, 0008DE31, 0008DE33, 0008DE34, 0008DE35, 0008DE43, 0008DE44, 0008DE45, 0008DE46, 0008DE47, 0008DE48, 0008DE4A, 0008DE4B, 0008DE54, 0008DE55, 0008DE56, 000900C6, 000900C7, 000900C8, 000900C9, 000900CA, 000900CB, 000900CC, 000900CD, 000900CE, 000900CF, 000900DB, 000900E2, 000900E3, 000900E4, 000900EF, 000972DB, 000972F6, 000972F9, 00097AE2, 00098415, 00098450, 00098457, 00098458, 00098461, 00098462, 00098466, 00098467, 00098470, 00098472, 00098477, 0009847D, 00098480, 00098481, 00098482, 00098486, 00098487, 00098488, 00098494, 00098CF7, 00098CF8, 00098CF9, 00098CFF, 00099349, 00099A3B, 0009AEB9, 0009AED2, 0009B680, 0009B681, 0009B682, 0009B685, 0009B687, 0009B68C, 0009B727, 0009B729, 0009B732, 0009B870, 0009B871, 0009B874, 0009B891, 0009B894, 0009B8DE, 0009BA70, 0009BA7B, 0009BA7C, 0009E4AC, 0009E4AD, 0009E4B5, 0009E4D6, 0009E4D7, 000A0650, 000A0653, 000A0654, 000A065E, 000A0676, 000A0679, 000A0681, 000A0682, 000A0687, 000A0688, 000A2BD1, 000A3E01, 000A3E02, 000A761F, 000A762A, 000A762D, 000A7630, 000A7631, 000A7662, 000A7663, 000A7664, 000A7677, 000A767B, 000A767F, 000A7681, 000A768A, 000A768B, 000A8543, 000A8544, 000A8545, 000A854F, 000A8550, 000A8551, 000A8554, 000A8576, 000A8577, 000A858D, 000A91D3, 000A91E7, 000A91E8, 000A91E9, 000A91ED, 000A9371, 000A9373, 000A9A50, 000A9A51, 000A9A49, 000A9A4D, 000A9A4E, 000A9A88, 000ABE4B, 000ABE75, 000ABE77, 000ABE78, 000ABE7A, 000ABE7D, 000ABE7E, 000ABE7F, 000ABE76, 000ABE80, 000ABE83, 000ABE84, 000ABE85, 000AC1EE, 000ADCF4, 000ADD02, 000AEE8A, 000AEE93, 000AEE94, 000B054A, 000B054B, 000B054C, 000B054D, 000B054E, 000B054F, 000B0550, 000B0551, 000B0552, 000B055A, 000B0564, 000B0565, 000B0566, 000B0567, 000B0568, 000B0569, 000B056A, 000B056B, 000B056C, 000B056D, 000B056E, 000B056F, 000B0574, 000B0575, 000B0595, 000B05CF, 000B05D0, 000B05D1, 000B05D2, 000B05D3, 000B05D4, 000B05FE, 000B05FF, 000B0600, 000B067F, 000B0680, 000B0682, 000B0689, 000B0699, 000B069A, 000B069C, 000B06A3, 000B06C9, 000B06FC, 000B06FD, 000B06FF, 000B0701, 000B0702, 000B0704, 000B0705, 000B0706, 000B0708, 000B070A, 000B070D, 000B070E, 000B0711, 000B072C, 000B072E, 000B072F, 000B0730, 000B0731, 000B0734, 000B073A, 000B073B, 000B073C, 000B073E, 000B073F, 000B074B, 000B0752, 000B1070, 000B4521, 000B4522, 000B4538, 000B4539, 000B8015, 000B8016, 000B8018, 000B8019, 000B804C, 000B8057, 000B8064, 000B84B0, 000B84C1, 000B84C2, 000B84C3, 000B84C6, 000B851D, 000B898B, 000B89A8, 000BAC66, 000BADCF, 000BAE2E, 000BC587, 000BC588, 000BC589, 000BC590, 000BC59F, 000BC5A0, 000BE0CB, 000BE0CC, 000C3FF2, 000C3FF3, 000C43DC, 000C43DD, 000C51A6, 000C51A7, 000C51A8, 000C689F, 000C68A2, 000C68A3, 000C68A4, 000C68A5, 000C68A7, 000C68A8, 000C68AC, 000C68B3, 000C6D4F, 000C6D50, 000C6EDA, 000C6EDC, 000C6EDD, 000C6EDE, 000C6EE5, 000C7FBD, 000C7FC1, 000C86FB, 000C86FC, 000C86FD, 000C86FE, 000C86FF, 000C8702, 000C8736, 000C8738, 000C873C, 000CA50F, 000CB177, 000CB179, 000CF6ED, 000CF6F0, 000CF6F9, 000D038E, 000D0390, 000D03B7, 000D03BD, 000D03BE, 000D03C9, 000D03CA, 000D03CB, 000D03CC, 000D03CD, 000D0FEA, 000D2ED6, 000D2EDA, 000D2EDB, 000D2EF8, 000D2EFB, 000D31B6, 000D3201, 000D3658, 000D3659, 000D365C, 000D365D, 000D365E, 000D3660, 000D3662, 000D3663, 000D3664, 000D3665, 000D3666, 000D366D, 000D366E, 000D366F, 000D3670, 000D3674, 000D3687, 000D3688, 000D3689, 000D36A9, 000D36AA, 000D36AB, 000D36AC, 000D36AD, 000D36B3, 000D36B4, 000D3B10, 000D3B13, 000D3B16, 000D3B1A, 000D3B1B, 000D3B24, 000D3B25, 000D3B26, 000D3B29, 000D3B2B, 000D3B2C, 000D3B2D, 000D3B42, 000D3B45, 000D3B48, 000D3B4C, 000D3B8A, 000D6E20, 000D6E21, 000D6E22, 000D9165, 000D9166, 000D9167, 000DCE07, 000DF7FE, 000DF7FF, 000DF801, 000DF809, 000DF81D, 000DFA24, 000E1F34, 000E1F35, 000E2C15, 000E2C16, 000E9162, 000E9751, 000E9852, 000E9853, 000E9854, 000E9855, 000E9856, 000E9857, 000E9858, 000E985C, 000E985D, 000E986B, 000E986C, 000E9AD6, 000E9ADC, 000E9ADE, 000E9E12, 000EA0E8, 000EA0FF, 000EA1A7, 000EA40E, 000EA414, 000EAE8B, 000EAE8C, 000EB649, 000EC952, 000ECB86, 000ED1D7, 000ED1F9, 000ED202, 000ED268, 000EDCB9, 000EDE2A, 000EDE2B, 000EDE8E, 000EDE90, 000EDE92, 000EDE95, 000EDE96, 000EDE97, 000EDECF, 000EDED0, 000EDED1, 000EDED3, 000EDED4, 000EDED5, 000EDEDA, 000EE895, 000EFAA2, 000EFADA, 000EFBD6, 000F09D5, 000F09D6, 000F09D7, 000F09E6, 000F0AAF, 000F0AB4, 000F0ACF, 000F0AE0, 000F0B72, 000F13A0, 000F1675, 000F1F73, 000F2132, 000F2133, 000F3979, 000F397A, 000F397B, 000F397C, 000F3BA4, 000F68B0, 000F68B1, 000F7298, 000FB42C, 000FB42D, 000FB42E, 000FB42F, 000FB421, 000FB422, 000FB423, 000FB424, 000FB42C, 000FB42F, 000FB430, 000FB431, 000FB432, 000FB433, 000FB44C, 000FB44D, 000FB44E, 000FB451, 000FB452, 000FB453, 000FB454, 000FB455, 000FB456, 000FB457, 000FB458, 000FB459, 000FB45A, 00FB45B, 000FB45C, 000FB45D, 000FB45E, 000FB45F, 000FB460, 000FBB0C, 000FBB0F, 000FBB23, 000FBB2E, 000FBB2F, 000FBB8C, 000FC9A2, 0010332D, 00106AB9, 00106ABA, 001080C3, 020146C9, 02018C4B, 0401A337, 0401C530, 0401C611, 040217B6, 04025144, 04025145, 04026D10, 0402C5C3, 0402C5C4, 0402C5C5, 0402C5D7, 0402C5DC, 0402C5DE, 0402C5E0, 0402C5F1, 0402C5F2, 0402C5FA, 0402C602, 04030CF8, 0403198C, 04032457, 04032458, 04032459, 0403A1B8, 0403A1B9: Misplaced thickets, shrubs, and other plants. (Bug #20292), Call To Arms and Rally scrolls did not match the described effects they both claimed to apply. (Bug #22994), The ForswornFaction and ChickenFaction have been set to be friendly towards one another to prevent Forsworn from slaughtering their own chickens at Bruca's Leap Redoubt. (Bug #19572), 000D0BF7: Wall marker placed outside the collision bounds. Muiri was no longer essential after "Mourning Never Comes" (DB03) but had no cleanup script. (Bug #15959), CommanderScene1: "Sir, this is costing lives of both imperial loyalists and Skyrim citizens alike." (Bug #20409), Bralsa Drel has three dialogue lines that no longer make sense after the Raven Rock Mine has been reopened. (Bug #18108), 0203051E, 0203051F: Snow drifts created to cover up gaps underneath a glacier piece and another snow drift [Ref 0009C979, 000F3EED] at Skytemple Ruins. I may not have a lot of rules, but that doesn't give you free reign to do as you please." Edits to the 3rd level of Soul Tear have been removed to restore balance with the USKP fix for Soul Trap. (Bug #18906), Imperial males, Redguard females, and both of their vampire counterparts were missing 22 of the 24 available warpaint options that all other races get. (Bug #17403), 000a3fb8, 000a3fc3, 000a3fd6, 000a3fce: Cluster of objects outside the playable area. (Bug #14225), 000CD4F5, 000CD4F4: Bear traps that should not be checking for the lightfoot perk. (Bug #19648), 040145C2: Lowered a mountain slab piece slightly that was protruding out of the ground. (Bug #17668), 000814e9: Hjerim. They should be 0.75 rather than 0.70. (Bug #17885), 02066273: Rubble block added to cover up exposed backsides of some other parts.

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