The Augustinian theodicy was constructed by Saint Augustine (345-430 AD) and is the main traditional Christian response to the problem of evil. This is a privation in Augustines thinking. Analytics (Some) Weaknesses. Irenaeus was a bishop and a philosopher who lived between the years of 130-202 which was before the time of the other philosopher Augustine. He solves this problem by saying that God is responsible for the evil in the world by defining evil as “privation.” What this means is that when we use worlds such as "evil" and "bad" we are saying that something does not meet our expectations of what it should be like (by nature). Problems with the concept of `heaven for all` 1. God gave all of us as individuals the ability to have free will which means that we ourselves make the choice to do bad things and the choice to do good but all of us couldn’t be good throughout our lives which is why we have made our own decisions in life which leads to why the Fall occurred which is when the serpent tricked Eve into eating the fruit from the tree which God forebode any eating from which leads us back to the reason why we understand what differs from good and bad. The word theodicy derives from the Greek words Θεός Τheos and δίκη dikē. Secondly, the Irenaean theodicy, named after the 2nd century Christian St. Irenaeus, states that the world is the best of all possible worlds. Adam and Eve were expelled from the Ga… One key concept which Irenaeus tried to disprove is the idea of the inconsistent triad which is that if God is omnipotent and omnibenevolent then suffering would not exist because he supposed to be all loving and if he was powerful enough he would be able to get rid of the existence of suffering. If you say that a human being is evil, you are saying that the way that they behave does not match expectations of how a human being should behave. - There is hope through Jesus for all. Swinburne stated that we must all have knowledge of natural evil and suffering which is why God gave us free will as he must allow human suffering so that they can grow and learn through experience. The theodicy project is thus an exercise in metaphysical construction, in the sense that it consists in the formation and criticism of large-scale hypotheses concerning the nature and process of the universe. ...The Augustinian theodicy is a type of Christian theodicy designed to respond to the evidential problem of evil. Free Samples and Examples of Essays, Homeworks and any Papers, Filed Under: Essays Tagged With: Philosophy. We have to 'put up with' what we have indirectly done to the Universe. Augustine believed, that God had made the world ex nihilo (out of nothing) and when making the world he had made it free from flaws. As such, it attempts to explain the probability of an omnipotent and omnibenevolent (or all-powerful and perfectly loving) God amid evidence of evil in the world. —We all come from Adam and Eve(we deserve it) Augustine also said that God can't be blamed for creating evil himself that occurs in the world. Major work ‘Adversus omnes Haereses’ detailed attack on Gnosticism. While Augustine stated that evil came from humans and Adam in Genesis, Irenaeus proposes that evil is opposing the humans race to become in to God's likeness. Without pain and suffering ... themselves area gift from God. Growing up I witnessed my grandmother assist anybody she saw struggling or needed help. The modern theodicies of Swinburne and Hick developed further on Irenaeus’ theodicy which had ideas that were believable because none of these theodicies are in the Bible. ...The Augustinian Theodicy From Augustine in his booke 'Confessions' in 397AD. Discuss (40) Critically evaluate St Augustine’s theodicy. 1.god if infinite goodness Aposteriori—this world with this kind of evil is the best possible world out of all universes. Libertarian free will is the capacity of humans to make any decision they wish without the interference or coercion of God.

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