You can do both, a delay in body roll can be achieved by increasing damping, and a delay in weight transfer can be achieved by increasing roll inertia (which would make the elastic transient weight transfer component slower, and therefore, the whole weight transfer as well). It arises from the force coupling effect that roll centres have, directly linking forces on sprung mass to the unsprung mass. This generally isn’t a problem as most manufacturers make wheels with a large center bore in order to fit as many vehicles as possible. The delta is at a disadvantage considering the weight distribution issues discussed above and the fact that it has one less front tire to brake on. Most road vehicles are powered by a single engine or motor with a drive-line transferring that power to the wheels, generating torque at the wheel hubs. Tenho um grande amigo que está trabalhando lá e foi capitão da Mauá junto comigo agora em 2017!! When you increase roll centre height in one axle you increase the overall lateral load transfer on that axle, while decreasing it on the opposite axle. This will decrease roll angle component, but since the roll centre height OF THE OPPOSITE AXLE will not be raised, the direct lateral force component will not increase and the overall effect will be a reduction in weight transfer on that axle.” (capital letters only intended for highlighting purposes). replacement of brake cooling ducts for a lighter/heavier version). All the mass of the vehicle that is damped by the spring is called as the sprung mass. It’s also called the kinematic load transfer component, because the roll centres are defined by the suspension kinematics. With leaf spring location, the roll center is determined by the location of the spring mounting points on the car body and the center line of the axle. I may be mis reading it but the paragraph shown below doesn’t ring true. For the analysis procedure, one can adapt the load transfer equation obtained above, using , the weight on the track analysed, instead of , and , the height of a fictitious “centre of gravity” for the track of interest, instead of . Lowering the CoM towards the ground is one method of reducing load transfer. contact patch displacement relative to wheel. W in this article is always weight (force), not mass. An additional curve might be obtained by plotting the intersections of the lateral accelerations with the lateral load transfer parameter lines, against the reference steer angle. This article uses this latter pair of definitions. The very equations I derived in the article don’t assume that, and they are pretty much the same you get on Milliken’s Race Car Vehicle Dynamics. 2) I’m not sure I fully understood the second question. Many cars today use front-wheel drive.   is the wheelbase, You already know from steady-state pair analysis and from the discussion on tyre load sensitivity that lateral load transfer will decrease the lateral force capability of the axle. Hi Rodrigo, at first I would like to thank you for your effort ! Here, is the lateral acceleration in G units, is the weight of the car, is the CG height, is the track width and and are the vertical loads on the left and right tyres, respectively. Now let’s use the knowledge discussed here applied in the example presented at the beginning of this article, with a little more detail in it. Consequently, you don’t need a long drive shaft that runs the length of the car to transfer torque to move the wheels. I hope you cover soon the transient load transfer, i have the doubt about if that topic includes laplace transforms. When braking hard the car will nosedive. At the same time, the CoM of the vehicle will typically move laterally and vertically, relative to the contact patch by no more than 30 mm, leading to a weight transfer of less than 2%, and a corresponding reduction in grip of 0.01%. But if total lateral load transfer is difficult to change once the car has been designed and built, then how can it be used to improve handling? I make no claim that this would hold true for every car in the world, but if that’s the case for vehicles with wheelbases as different as the ones I’ve tried, than I wouldn’t be surprised if it was for other cars. Notice the smaller cornering potential for higher values of the lateral load transfer parameter. You are absolutely right. In cases where the performance of a pair of tyres is being analysed without regards to a particular vehicle, the parameter is a convenient way to represent changes in lateral load transfer. Taking the moment equilibrium about the point O, of the tyre, we can see that: Dividing the equation by t on both sides, we obtain: But assuming a symmetric weight distribution, , since the left tyre is the outside tyre. But to be honest, I don’t recall reading nothing about the equations being derived for a vehicle with rigid axles. because its effect is per axle relative to using tyre pressures to alter roll 1. acts as a buffer between the suspension and frame to absorb vertical wheel and suspension movement with passing it on to the frame. In a Increasing the vehicle's wheelbase (length) reduces longitudinal load transfer while increasing the vehicle's track (width) reduces lateral load transfer. Well, lateral load transfer begins at every part of the car that has mass (hence, it begins in the whole car). If you want to solve the equations analytically, then Laplace might be a useful tool. Could you please review this. The loads in each wheel determine the vehicle’s maximum cornering, braking and acceleration capability, then the lateral weight transfer is a key factor in a racing car performance. The inertial forces act on both sprung and unsprung masses. the roll stiffness on the axle being analyzed as a fraction of roll stiffness on the whole car). There is a range of tools available to us to define the kinematic behaviour of suspension. If anti-roll bars are too stiff, than the suspension will gradually become dependent, as the bar will tend to rotate (and lift the inner wheel in the corner) instead of twisting.

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