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Since Choboni is considered a local company where I live I decided to purchase both their yogurt and most recently the creamer. Although the ingredient list designates “natural flavors,” the front label does not mention any non-vanilla flavors. When Hamdi Ulukaya came to America, the last thing he expected to do was to launch America’s obsession with …
Now to think I have been paying more for what I viewed as natural, I am very disappointed with Chobani. is_redirect && ! I chose the vanilla over the other flavors believing it was better for you since it was natural as well. It’s highly important to me and I’m saddened to here this. Please add us also. your claim status, claim form or questions about when payments are Crying shame how food manufacturers continue to lie to consumers and still charge premium prices for simulated non-natural ingredients. These standards require that if a product is labeled as “vanilla,” the label must also declare any non-vanilla flavors that are used to increase or promote the vanilla taste in the product, the plaintiffs say. Plaintiffs Louise Gaskell and... Read More, © 2021 Top Class Actions LLC. Plz add me. They had this as a free offer in Boston MA. If you do so, you might see your picture in our next Spotted on Shelves post. Yes please add me I purchase this because It was not artificial or so I thought. status of any class action settlement claim. Regularly use this Chobani product. Your email address will not be published. (Spotted by Leonard at ShopRite.). Unfortunately, I found that there is no hazelnut flavor in it all all; instead, it’s clearly almond. Why can’t marketers actually put what they say inside the product they are trying to sell. Please add me to this class action against CHOBANI VANILLA CREAMER case 7:20-cv-05199. If you thought you had to give up coffee creamer while doing Whole30, think again! Mr. Ulukaya has taken a … That’s exactly why I bought it because it’s Chobani vanilla, which vanilla’s my favorite. “A reasonable consumer cannot follow up or learn the truth that the Product’s ‘natural flavors’ should be labeled as ‘artificial flavors’ because such flavors affect the amount of vanilla used and provide flavor notes associated with vanilla,” the Chobani class action lawsuit says. Another one of my favorites! A good creamer can make or break your cup of coffee. There was tons of marketing done for the release of this product including special coupons and I used them. I have purchased several of these. Decide which cookies you want to allow. If you agree and consent to the use of cookies, please click Accept. (?) Chobani Founder: You do not need a plan. What a sham!
This product just became available down here. Catholic Church Sex Abuse: How Many New York Priests Are In Jail?
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  • Let us worry about it. Please add me!! Please add my name. Please add me. Add me, too. WHAT CAN YOU CLAIM Include me, Just started buying this product.very disappointed about this!!! I have been using it since it hit the market. Add me please. Yes, I’ve been purchasing this creamer since it became available in my area, about six months ago. It’s made from almonds and coconuts and does not have to be refrigerated until opened. So much for getting what you paid for. I just started buying this creamer for my coffee about 8 months ago because of the ingredients, I can actually pronounce all the ingredients, and I know what they are. i guess we consumers just can’t trust these reputable companies anymore when they tell us no unnatural flavors. Yes. 12. I love Chobani and I try to eat and drink all natural. Please add me to this suit!
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