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Put the stick on saw horses. “Liberally” means the sealant should ooze out around the entire perimeter of the hardware base, as damage to the painted surface will occur wherever hardware makes contact. I think the ones on the boat when I bought it in 2007 were the originals from 1984. It doesn’t matter, because when aluminum is not exposed to moisture, its corrosion clock stops, or at least slows down substantially. Guillermo L [last name deleted for privacy by Editor] - Mexico City, Mexico Sanded and orbital ground down to bare metal where flakey. P.O. I'm in no way an expert on painting aluminum. I'm not going to do it myself. Step 1 – Ensure that the surface you intend to paint is clean and free from dirt, grease, oil, or anything else that could potentially interfere with the paint's application and adherence. Don't even try once before getting into your car to get the P3 driver you haven't needed before. Looks great for a 30 year old boat. If you sand it you'll expose unanodized aluminum which will oxidize badly wherever the new paint film is nicked. If you do paint make sure you insulate the fittings from the mast as much as possible and use duralac or some other anti-corrosive compound on all screws. In these areas, paint applied to the sharp edge tends to run off, making it too thin to be protective. 26' aluminum sailboat mast. Those areas also tend to suffer from abrasion abuse. Initially the wound is self-healing: The oxide coating forms, but instead of protecting the aluminum, it lifts the edge of the paint and allows water to migrate farther under the coating. Allow the paint to dry according to the manufacturer's recommended time. We're gonna need some pictures of that to drool over, thanks. about 20 hours total but all hardware came off easy . An ongoing discussion from 1997 through 2015 . Sharp edges should be gently rounded before being painted. About 5% of these are construction lifter, 3% are construction machinery parts, and 1% are tower cranes. Underneath will be lots of white powder. If you are going to go at stripping and sanding the mast yourself do yourself a couple of favors. Invariably, the paint would blister, in some cases before the vessels were offloaded from delivery trailers, and warranty claims were dutifully submitted, which the builder, to its credit, promptly paid. I think I may try doing the sanding myself and then have a pro do the painting. If insulators are used, the surface between the insulator and the paint should be bedded. It came out great. The best solution is prevention; when installing hardware on painted aluminum surfaces, liberally bed with polyurethane or polysulfide sealant. A short explanation/demonstration of preparing bare aluminum using acid and conversion coating techniques in preparation for painting an aircraft skin. Do you know of any readily available primers I can use before I paint my mast with a 2-part paint? The paint will be the barrier layer so there isn't a real need to put an additional anti corrosion paste between the aluminium, the stainless rivets and hardware (but you still can of course). Since that time AYS has come to be one of Australia‘s largest yacht mast providers. Is there any reason, other than aesthetic, to have it re-painted. Who the f^&k waxes their mast, I mean seriously? For bedding, use a UV-resistant polyurethane sealant; for rivets (monel is preferred) or screws, most riggers use Tefgel, Tuffgel, or Duralac. Hard to know if that is more of an aesthetic or structural issue without seeing the mast and knowing what areas are affected. Apply a coat of metal aluminum paint with the soft bristled paintbrush. It's aluminum (Hall Spars), painted white, but most of the paint is gone. 2 years later it was already bubbling and now it looks like shit. Using these, as well as the liberal hardware bedding technique and quickly repairing damage, paint applied over aluminum can last for a decade or more. The boat has just been hauled for several weeks to dry out and have the bottom re-painted. F_L, Thanks for the good info. I believed I was onto something. You WILL need a propane torch. Others who have come to similar conclusions have tried to prevent corrosion by inserting plastic or another nonmetallic bushing or insulator between the hardware and the painted aluminum structure. Your mast was almost certainly anodized before the original paint job. Painting an aluminium mast Back : ACTION: 1-component: 2-component (epoxy) 1 - Preparation: Degrease: Nautix SD degreaser: Nautix SD degreaser: Sand: P40 grade ... 4 - Finishing paint: 2 coats: STARLAC - 14 m²/L: L2 - 12 m²/L: L2 . 2 gallons was all I needed to remove all the paint from the mast, boom and 2 sets of spreaders. Can anyone help? I'll try to find them and put a link to the photos on this thread. The paint works well until it is breached, and water enters the rift. Non-Marine. The sealant prevents water intrusion, rendering the paint wound inert. In an effort to stem the cash flow, the company earnestly focused on improving the preparation and paint application processes. That alone will prevent the thin-paint phenomenon, coating failure, and subsequent corrosion. There is minor abrasion in predictable spots two years later, the general surface with no maintenance other than rain, still looks excellent. At some point you will be able to lift the coating off, almost in one piece, like pulling a part from a mould in reverse. I wish I could say otherwise, because I hate the bloody thing, but I spend a good portion of my life dealing with a ginormous machine filled with horrible chemicals that is built for exactly this process. I understand that the existing paint has to be sanded off, the hardware removed, and then the paint is applied. Apply the stripper and let set for 30-60 minutes. For your size mast and boomboat, painting would not be an overwhelming project and you may find that you like the look far better than bare aluminum. offers 488 painting mast section products. Then you can topcoat it however you like and it will actually stick. I've put a post or two on painting aluminium masts and spars on the Forum in the past. How to paint aluminum. Rolll or brush bright side or similar. Once primed, painted and sealed, dull siding can be brightened up and sheeting can become a durable outdoor table, artistic retaining wall for a garden or hanging room divider for an outdoor seating area. the clear coat needs to be redone ever 5 years and paint may last a little longer but mot much. Takes time but is worth it in the long run. No standing rig. How do I paint my anodized aluminum mast? Spray or brush a chemical conversion coating for aluminum. The process doesn’t stop there, as it begins anew at the interface between the paint and exposed aluminum. I have an orbital sander that works nicely. 2. The paint job was a 2 pack something, and included sandblasting. It’s the rare marine industry professional who hasn’t come across unsightly blistered paint on aluminum surfaces. When we write about classic boats, successful yards, and legendary naval architects, it’s easy to overuse the word iconic. I made my own mobile antenna mast to be used with my hybrid coils and I painted the mast semi gloss black. Thats $5K ever five years. Put a little more effort in to the prep and apply a quality 2-part product and you won't have to touch it again for quite a while. Remember, everybody sees the first 10 feet, the rest of the stick is way up there and details don t matter much. Few recreational users have, however, learned to look beyond aluminum’s blemished surface. Apply the aluminum oxide primer with a soft bristled paint brush. Over the years AYS has evolved to incorporate the latest in ideas and technologies available to Australian and Asian marine industry. Therefore, instead of attempting to prevent the damage, an effort I believe is futile, assume it will occur and mitigate its effects. They are designed for stripping finish from cars. The solution is straightforward enough: protect the paint “wound” with a resilient, pliable sealant to prevent water from entering. Who the f^&k waxes their mast twice a season, I mean seriously? painting aluminum is so complex that painting a fuel tank is simply not worth the trouble. My opion is one part paint easier to touch up when needed. Save the left over paint. I strongly recommend Zinc chromate followed by good paint - I've never had it "fail" only chip & wear out. It is important to remember that when you re-install any mast hardware, the hardware and screws or rivets must be isolated from the painted aluminum. He is the technical editor of Professional BoatBuilder, and is writing a book on marine systems, to be published by McGraw-Hill/International Marine. We are evaluating the possibility of installing a new powder paint line for aluminum extrusions and are having some doubts about the proper pretreatment for paint. Steve D'Antonio, Dec 29, 2014. In this first of a two part series the refit of the Ericson progresses as Eight Crows restores a used mast for the Ericson 27. How much should I pay? Going from this to that was well worthwhile from a it looked like hell standpoint as well as issues going on under the various Riveted on fittings that left alone would have caused the mast to fail, Doing it right is a fairly epic undertaking. Painting aluminum requires a few key steps in order to create a long-lasting masterpiece. My guess is the paint will last twice as long on our carbon mast; not a trivial benefit when you consider that painting our aluminum mast would have cost in the region of US$10,000. The boat has just been hauled for several weeks to dry out and have the bottom re-painted. That alone will prevent the thin-paint phenomenon, coating failure, and subsequent corrosion. Dr Rogs masts were not anodized" My mate on a Walker H28 just used house white enamel. I have a 55' black anodized sailboat mast which is badly faded and blotched by the sun. Is there any reason, other than aesthetic, to have it re-painted. Do you prime and paint prior to attaching … Save the left over paint. This shop was about as far from the water as you could get, in the desert of Washington State. I had the mast on my 31ft 4ksb painted about 10 years ago, spent around $11k* for all new rigging (both standing & running), paint job and some electrolysis repair (a sleeve was put in around the gooseneck) and stainless work. Straight and in good condition. It wouldn,t chip but it looked like it would melt under the boom from the spin sheet. Barry KU3X, Aug 13, 2019 #9. Fax: 207–359–8920. 41 WoodenBoat Lane Tel: 207–359–4651 Carbon spars start out painted or clear coated when new. I have a 1984 J22. Aluminum Sailboat Mast Refinishing . All paint applications benefit from proper surface preparation, priming, and best industry paint application practices, and aluminum is no exception. Dont think you can buy that any more . " Duralac or Tef Gel on every fastener during final assembly. Begin by dewaxing/degreasing both surfaces with a solvent such as mineral spirits or 3M General Purpose Adhesive Remover, then liberally bed the hardware with a low-adhesion polyurethane or polysulfide sealant. I stripped the mast and spreaders and repainted them white with Sherwin Williams Industrial Aluminum paint. Corrosion is also a problem on sharp, or unradiused, edges. Hall Spars uses Awlgrip, which is what I would want to do. While this can be helpful, it’s far from ideal: On heavily loaded structures such as cleats and winches, it’s often impractical to install these insulators; the loading will often cause them to split or crush. High performance epoxy resins, together with oven post curing are employed in our tubes, however at temperatures above approximately 75°C the There is, however, an aesthetic price for this durability. However, once painted, aluminum can no longer develop its tough, clear, corrosion-resistant oxide coating. You might as well plan on the spreader fix while you are at it. Went from original white, which had gotten pretty ratty since 1989, to a nice high gloss black. It doesnt look very good. Another $100 or 3 depending on which fix you use. Here, the screws damaged the paint when they were installed, allowing water to migrate under the coating. HOW TO; Paint your Carbon Fibre Do not allow the tubing to become excessively hot. Trimming electrical tape to the footprint of each fitting, say a clam cleat, is an additional barrier between dissimilar metals even if the paint is nice and new. I just have the nasty task of keeping the machine that does it alive, so I've gotten to know more than I care about the process. * This figure is for work done in Sydney, Australia so does not really translate to US prices. I'm assuming some will be of higher quality than others. I have a 1984 J22. I plastic coated my mast, boom, spare spinnaker pole, spreaders, white, all for ~650, about 8 years ago. Sure you can paint an antenna. Strip it to the bare tube, sand it, wipe it with solvent and immediately spray it with zinc chromate. It’s virtually impossible to prevent paint from being damaged or breached at hardware installations, often even with the addition of insulators. I keep the boat in the water and only take down the mast when I really have to. Going on 11 years and the plastic coating is holding tight to the 22 mast.. No pealing at all. Sanding w 320->400->600->compound->polish->couple coats of good Teflon wax. Left to the elements, aluminum develops a dull gray—and eventually dusty, gritty—finish; for military, pilot, fishing, and utilitarian applications, that finish can be a thing of beauty, as it lowers building and maintenance costs. The powder coating is undoubtedly of better quality in terms of adherence, durability and resistance, also to mechanical stress, compared to liquid paint, but on the other hand is not comparable in terms of gloss of the paint. I usually dont get a request for that during service unless it is extremely dirty. Its aluminum (Hall Spars), painted white, but most of the paint is gone. I just did my mast and boom 30 year old Ross . What is the spreader fix all about? Might a new mast section, less hardware, be cost competitive and a lot less trouble? You always see more damage done due to dissimilar metal corrosion and the like rather than lack of paint. There would be possible side benefits to removing and replacing hardware with new Tef-gel. I think you'll wind up with a longer-lasting, more durable paint job if you chemically strip the old paint. Preparing aluminum for painting is an important step. Leave an aluminum mast with the paint peeling in the sun for more then a year and it is still good to go, do that to a Carbon mast and it is Carbon dust. The white powdery material, aluminum oxide, forms when aluminum is robbed of oxygen in a wet environment. You could probably get it done for half the price over there. Box 78 I used Klean Strip KS3 Premium stripper from a big box home center. By The mast is down. This breach could be caused by a fastener, an antenna base, a navigation light, a hinge, a lockset, a nick, or a scratch—and it could be microscopic. Allow the aluminum to air-dry completely. Then give it a heavy sanding using 60 or 80-grit sandpaper. By Should I paint the mast? What kind of sand paper did you use? Our mast and boom was originally painted black and was peeling badly. Apply one coat of InterProtect 2000E (Thinned 15-20% with 2316N Reducing Solvent). Real impressed. Subject: Mast Repaint I've been wanting to share another very successful tip with everyone. Painting Aluminium. Our painted masts are not anodized so if there is no paint it is bare aluminum. Awhile back when we were de-naming our boat by trying different methods to remove paint and see if it was what we wanted for the final product, there was a debate on if we did in fact want to go down to bare metal or just remove the top layer and repaint with a fresh […] It’s a double whammy for corrosion: The elk hide spreader boot is a hygroscopic material, attracting moisture and keeping the painted aluminum surface underneath wet and oxygen depleted. When exposed to air, oxygenated seawater, or fresh water, aluminum quickly develops a tough, transparent oxide film that is resistant to corrosion. Leery of experiencing the same sort of failure, I began reviewing old spars and other painted aluminum hardware. The boom is fine. Put the stick on saw horses. When I was researching the story of the two pilot vessels the… Read more », Professional BoatBuilder is written and edited for boat builders, repairers, designers, and surveyors. On the other hand, aluminum boats can become rather shabby looking after years of use so owners often want to paint them and spruce them up. OK, I got an estimate for the entire job. You will be touching it up every year. It was a j-22, I did all the work, gave the shop the material with everything removed. My masts are on my list this winter ( ketch ) and there old anodized masts and booms. Stripped and painted for $260 all in. Any alternatives to painting? With all respect to your suggestion, I'm not going wax my mast twice a year. As a body shop owner for the last 28 years I,ll give my 2 cents, just an opinion for what it,s worth. Looks like new mast. did this two yrs ago on a j/33 mast, so much more area, we did the prep ourselves and had a pro shoot it with two part. All paint applications benefit from proper surface preparation, priming, and best industry paint application practices, and aluminum is no exception. But in the recent revival of the Wheeler Yacht Company with… Read more », Boat yards and design offices embrace new fibers and resins that promise to reduce pollution, consume less energy in production, and yield composite boats that can be recycled. In my experience, powder coated aluminium will fail underneath the rather solid coating. It is vital to understand that paint sticks to rough surfaces. I would be happy to do it for $138,000.00. At the same time I did the boom myself with International brightside or something similar and it looks better, but is not really a fair comparison as it does not get the same level of water exposure and does not have as much stainless on it. Sounds reasonable to me. This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. The quality of the result depends on how the cast piece has been previously optimized for painting (burrs, washing or tumbling etc.). Tech, all kinds. Enter two-part paints. To paint anodized first degrease using Fiberglass Solvent Wash 202. Next it is time to strip all the paint off the mast, boom and spreaders. I found that once I sanded the paint off, the aluminum was flawless so I could go straight to the prime wash phase. I noticed that nearly all the failures occurred adjacent to a hardware installation, a fastener, a spreader, a step, or some other fitting—an area where the paint coating had necessarily been upset or breached. As to reasons for re-painting, it sounds like it is purely aesthetic. These high-performance paints enable boatbuilders and component manufacturers to continue to reap aluminum’s rewards, including strength, ease of fabrication, and weight savings, as well as a resistance to corrosion for interior and engineering spaces, while enhancing the alloy’s visual appeal. Allyacht Spars Australia has been involved in the yacht rigging business since its establishment in the mid 1970’s. Not only that, repainting a carbon mast will be substantially cheaper than doing the same to one of aluminum due to the much smaller amount of preparation required. Have the people responsible for the painting do the final sand and prep on the mast. and when its scratched and when he feelings like it he just touches it up. New J22 mast on its way to TX right now. The cost for the labor and material of a nice job will be about the value of.your boat. © 2021 Professional BoatBuilder Magazine. not counting the haulout and pull. Poor prep is the culprit for almost every bad paint job and you don't want to go down that road if it starts to bubble or flake. 1) painting your boat does not put you in violation of voc laws,but you have to dispose of leftovers properly.2) I think 60 grit on an orbital is a bit rough.primer and paint probably won't fill … You will be touching it up every year. They also did my deck cleats in black. It is about $20/gal. Sure you can paint an antenna, but you may need a very large easel. Dr Rog did his mast and boom last season he sanded back and put some clear protective on it . The formation of the oxide or hydroxide lifts the paint, causing the familiar and unsightly blister, which eventually falls off, exposing raw, pitted aluminum. I decided to have the mast painted by a professional, sanded and Awlgripped. To strip the hardware, sand to shiny aluminum, prime and paint ~$1,200. Daysailing, local cruising and working on them. STEP 2: Sand the metal surface in a two-stage process. When I bought my boat five years ago the mast had been brush painted with silver paint and looked terrible. Dust or older paint will make the new paint job harder to manage and maintain. (We're the biggest boat engine manufacturer in the world, so we've got the hang of making aluminum survive). Sharp edges should be gently rounded before being painted. Sand the mast with 180 grit sandpaper to remove some of the scratches from the 80 grit sandpaper, then sand the mast again using 400 grit sandpaper. We electro-plate the chromate, which is far superior, but its mostly for the benefit of our powder coated parts that have to live in salt water. They work great on spars. ~20 hrs sanding / prep / reattach and $1000. May be cut shorter for your applicatoon. As a result of my observations, both at the production boat dealership and in the boat yard, I concluded that the corrosion was the indirect result of breaches in the paint’s otherwise contiguous coating, caused, in the vast majority of cases, by hardware installations. Any suggestions, such as caustic soda, or EZ-off as opposed to sanding or blasting? “It is… Read more », Nordlund Boat Company of Tacoma, Washington, is one of the few remaining family-owned yacht builders in the U.S. Proper preparation is a consistent theme but I have a few questions: 1. It is difficult to paint over anodizing. 18 hours of labor and about $350 for materials (Awlgrip primer, reducers, topcoat, etc.) The cost for the labor and material of a nice job will be about the value of.your boat. . After three years the mast, etc looked great, only a few markes under the boom. The mast is down. And, when water makes its way between the insulator and the painted surface, as it always does, poultice corrosion will begin. Boats that are sailed and bikes that are pedaled. They sandblasted it and then coated it. It doesn't look very good. How to Paint an Aluminum Boat. While it progresses slowly, once it begins it’s difficult if not impossible to arrest without removing the blistered paint, cleaning, priming, and repainting the surface. Clean the mast with water and detergent, then rinse the mast with water. 1997. I'll either have it repainted or do nothing. 4.5" x 3" cross section. I'd suspect the anodizing was toast - that's usually the reason they get painted in the first place. Put the hardware back on using Tef-Gel on the fasteners - either you in 10 years or the next owner will thank you. Every new mast I step gets a wash and a wax, but thats it. Next, you’ll need to sand the aluminum surface to further help your paint job stick. About the Author: For many years a full-service yard manager, Steve now works with boat builders and owners and others in the industry as Steve D’Antonio Marine Consulting. A few years later, I was managing a boatyard where painting aluminum spars was common. Ive tried to read every old post on painting aluminum mast. Use these wheels in an angle grinder. You will need to make sure the aluminum is free from older paint, dirt, dust and grime. All Rights Reserved. Wiped with a cloth and Interlux 216 then 2 coats Pre koat primer , 3 coats brightsides. Sand and wash as you see fit. You will pay what its worth and get what you pay for. Rolll or brush bright side or similar. Remember, everybody sees the first 10 feet, the rest of the stick is way up there and details don t matter much. Mast+packaging+freight=~$4800. Mast came off a 1974 26' Clipper Marine I can deliver for 75 … You're sure that wax won't weigh too much? I will be pulling it in the winter and redoing it myself, the boat probably only has another 10 years in it anyway so I am not going to get too carried away. Just gave my 13' boom to an industrial powder coating place. Has no wiring or lighting. At that point, the chemical equation changes, as moisture and aluminum, in the absence of air, are the ideal incubators for a phenomenon known as poultice corrosion. Q. Make sure you use the proper sized screwdriver for whatever bolt head you are using or you will strip the head every time. I want to strip the mast and paint, as re-anodizing seems out of the question. How many people here even WASH it once a season, or ever for that matter? If you want to give your aluminum boat a fresh coat of paint, there are some simple steps you can take to ensure the paint job looks great. You will pay what its worth and get what you pay for. A wide variety of painting mast section options are available to you, such as free samples. Aluminum doesnt like heat..its a good thing you didnt do your mast..there were some deaths as a result of scuba tanks being powder coated and exploding.I used Interlux Brightside one part poly on my mast 4 yrs ago and still no chalking or chipping..truly amazing for a one part paint..mind you we dont see a lot of sun up here. Early in my career I worked for a dealership that sold production boats, every one of which was equipped with painted aluminum arches. After you're done with them, scrub it down with Scotchbrite. Sand and wash as you see fit. Brooklin, Maine 04616 USA Fastener threads should be similarly treated. K8ERV QRZ Member QRZ Page. Plastic coat is similar to powder coating, it looked like a thin rubber coating. . Yet the problem persisted. When this happens, the aluminum pits and produces copious amounts of aluminum oxide powder or, when wet, aluminum hydroxide, which looks a bit like freezer-burned vanilla ice cream.
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