wetland relative productivity

Through the building of dams, Wetlands International is halting the drainage of peatlands in Southeast Asia, hoping to mitigate CO2 emissions. We compared various components of vegetation composition and productivity at sites in the riparian wetlands for two years. In environmental decision-making, there are subsets of definitions that are agreed upon to make regulatory and policy decisions. An overabundance of nutrient input from fertilizer run-off, sewage effluent, or non-point pollution will cause eutrophication. They effectively removed approximately 45% of total nitrogen and approximately 60% of total suspended solids. Wetland systems that are made of permeable sediments like limestone or occur in areas with highly variable and fluctuating water tables especially have a role in groundwater replenishment or water recharge. Ner 24-hr primary productivity (PN24) is defined as the difference be­ tween gross primary productivity and 24-hr plant respiration
wetland relative productivity 2021